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Flying Star Feng Shui Period 8
by Lillian Too

This is a great reference book for the upcoming changing of period, when the period of 7 ends and the auspicious period of 8 begins. "Since every period lasts for 20 years, it is very important to ensure that the feng shui of your house is kept up to date so as to improve your health, wealth and happiness" - says Lillian Too. Flying star is the world's most popular method of feng shui used by practitioners to check the feng shui of a property. It is a potent formula that addresses the transformation of Chi energy thru the passage of time. The changing flow of chi is expressed as numbers on feng shui natal charts, which change whenever a change in period occurs. This means that the luck of a house can potentially change for either the better or for the worse during the changing of period. This important aspect of the practice of feng shui is the focus of this book.

Published Date : 2013
Number of Pages : 290 Pages
Language : Korean
Dimension : 15.0cm (width) x 22.5cm (length) x 1.8cm (height)