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Feng Shui Symbols of Good Fortune
by Lillian Too & Michiaki Tanaka

This book provides practical advice on how to apply Feng Shui principles to your home, your garden and street using the symbols of good fortune and illustrates how the symbols can be used differently in certain circumstances.

Published Date : 2008
ISBN : 978-4-88282-674-3
Number of Pages : 197 pages
Language : Japanese
Dimension : 19cm (width) x 25.5cm (length) x 1.2cm (height)
Flying Star Feng Shui for Period 8
by Lillian Too & Michiaki Tanaka

Lillian Too has just released her long awaited book - Flying star feng shui for period 8 which starts February 4th 2004. This is a great reference book for the upcoming changing of period, when the period of 7 ends and the auspicious period of 8 begins. ""Since every period lasts for 20 years, it is very important to ensure that the feng shui of your house is kept up to date so as to improve your health, wealth and happiness"" says Lillian Too.

Published Date : 2007
ISBN : 4-0931-0397-6
Number of Pages : 288 pages
Language : Japanese
Dimension : 13.2cm (width) x 18.7cm (length) x 2.4cm (height)
308 Feng Shui Tips
by Lillian Too & Michiaki Tanaka

Lillian Too's 308 Feng Shui Tips brings you a tip a day to get you auspiciously through the year. Crammed full of substantive pointers, formulas, methods and practical hints, this is a book every feng shui practitioner will use as an easy reference guide to instant feng shui.

Published Date : 2005
ISBN : 4-7631-9599-9
Number of Pages : 322 pages
Language : Japanese
Dimension : 13.0cm (width) x 18.3cm (length) x 1.8cm (height)