Q) I am a retailer and would like to sell your books in my store(s). How can I buy your books?    
A) Please contact sales@konsepbooks.com . You can either buy from us direct or from our appointed distributor in your territory.

Q) I am interested in translations rights of your books for my territory. Who should I contact ?
A) Please send your enquiry to translations@konsepbooks.com stating the title and author of the book you are interested in. Please state the language you wish to purchase the translation rights for, and the territory where you would like to distribute the translated book. Please also state if you are a publisher or a translater.

Q) I would like to distribute your books in my country.  
A) Please send your enquiry to sales@konsepbooks.com stating the title(s) and author(s) of the book(s) you are interested in, as well as where you would like to distribute the books.

Q) Can I buy your books online?  
A) Yes, our books are available for sale online at www.fsmegamall.com

Q) How can I obtain a review copy of one of your books?   
A) Please send your request to publicity@konsepbooks.com stating clearly where the review will be published and indicate who reads that publication. Please provide a phone number or email contact for any queries we might have.

Q) How can I obtain your current catalogue?
A) Our full catalogue is listed in this website under ‘Titles’. If you know which title you are looking for, you can also use our Search function.

Q) I am a writer and have written a book that Konsep Books may be interested in publishing.  How should I proceed?
A) If you wish to submit any works for publishing, please take note that your text should be well-typed and printed from a computer, double-spaced, on one side of the page only, have unjustified lines and be produced in a serif font of 10-12 points. Please also include a short synopsis (not more that 1 page long) describing the content, length, genre, etc. We do not guarantee anything but we would be just as excited to find a talented, unpublished, budding author whose works we feel would sell well.

Q) I am an artist/designer and am interested in having my work used as illustrations/cover designs in Konsep Books. How should I proceed?
A) You may email sample copies of your artwork/illustration to design@konsepbooks.com – please send in jpeg file. Please include a covering letter indicating how, why and where your work may be suitable in our publications. We will be in touch if we think you may be a suitable artist or illustrator for our publications.

Q) I would like to reproduce one of your book covers. Can I do this? 
A) Yes you may reproduce our book covers (without alteration). Please email us at publicity@konsepbooks.com to inform us of where you will be reproducing it and for what purpose.